Happy ETHster from Bankless!

Happy ETHster from Bankless! Mint your ETHster-NFT and hunt for the ETHster surprise! GM!

Happy ETHster from Bankless!
ETHster Lilies

We have created an ETHster NFT-collection! Could be a perfect seasonal gift this holiday OR you have a chance of being among the first 20 that collect 3 of the 4 NFTs and can claim the ETHster hunt surprise! #cryptoEaster

The artwork was done by four different artists, with four quite different styles, hopefully you will get the one you like the most, otherwise, try again ;)

Mint for 1 Matic at: https://bankless.se/nft-ethster/

To claim the ETHster surprise:

  1. Go to our discord: https://discord.gg/2uKk7hpu4B
  2. Verify your address by clicking the “Let’s go!” button in the #ethster-join channel
  3. If you have 3/4 NFTs in your wallet the channel “ETHster hunt” will appear.
  4. Hop into the channel “ETHster hunt”, say hi, and post your wallet address!

And you are done!

The 20 first people to post their address in the channel will be sent the reward shortly! Happy Hunting!