POAP meet NOUNS meet CC0!

Bankless.se & POAP founder worthalter invite you all to participate in an art challenge. Submit your Noun inspired POAP design before 29th May.

There is 0.5 ETH in the price pool for the 5 best submissions! The winning design will also be used by worthalter.eth as his personal June POAP.

Patricio have been distributing a monthly POAP "You've met Patricio" for quite some time. Now it's time for your art to shine!

Below you will find a sample of POAPs that Patricio have used previously. They have been claimed by a lot of people on events all around the globe. 🌍

The goal for this art challenge is to create a Nouns styled POAP for the month of June. Nouns are a CC0 project where one NFT is auctioned every 24 hours, forever. The revenue from the auction goes to the Nouns DAO treasury, where all holders are granted access. More info at nouns.wtf

All contributions that are submitted are CC0. Read more here. In short, you don’t claim copyright for your art, now or never. Instead you encourage other people to use it and build on top of it.

The challenge starts today!

The last day for you to submit your contribution is Sunday the 29th of May in the Bankless.se Discord.

A vote for the best contribution will be held in the Bankless.se Discord and the winner will be announced on June 1 🎉

1st   0.1 ETH
2nd 0.1 ETH
3rd 0.1 ETH
4th 0.1 ETH
5th 0.1 ETH

Art guidelines

  • Nouns styled - what that means is up to your imagination
  • Image requirements:
     PNG or aPNG format
     Measures 500x500px
     Round shape
     Size less than 200KB
  • Find more inspiration about worthalter in the linktree below
  • Submit your artwork in the Bankless.se Discord below

LCT! 😍 (Let's Create Together)